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Eye Exam

Vision is one of the most important senses we have, and an eye-exam is an indispensable tool in maintaining your eye health.

The eye is one of the most beautiful and intricate yet simple objects in the biological world under layers of complicated biological machinery the eye’s basic idea is quite simple.

Light coming from the things all around us enters our eyes, passing through the lens the light is focused on a specific point on our retinas.

The retina than interprets those waves of lights and sends signals via the optic nerve for our brain to interpret.

 Issue like Myopia (Near-Sightedness) or Hyperopia (Far-Sighteddess) occur when the eye, for one reason or another,  becomes deformed because of this the light waves that enter our eyes do not focus on the correct point.

Eye Exam

Eye-exam s are instrumental in the early diagnosis of these minor and often hard to notice eye ailments,that if left untreated could grow to become chronic and debilitating.

The scientific consensus says that the average adult should get an eyes examined at least once every two years.

Adults with medical conditions such as diabetes should consider getting an eye exam annually similar to children and seniors to whom an eye-exam is also recommended on an annual basis.

Some adults choose not to get an eye-exam because they think, “My vision isn’t that bad” or “I can see just fine”.

This is the wrong outlook not only is an eye exam important for catching eye disease before it becomes an issue, worsening eyesight can impact our quality of life. 

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